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When can you say I AM A BLOGGER???

Hi Guys!!

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I have a question for you….

Am i a Blogger?

This is a question i have seen so many people ask on social media in the short time i have been posting.

It has been a question i have pondered quite a but lately, mostly when people i haven’t seen in a while ask how things are and what have i been up to… before i started my own blog, i thought of ‘bloggers as people who make money for writing things online… but now i am not so sure…

I write a blog… but can i say i am now a blogger??

I have nearly 100 followers on WordPress now, and over 300 on twitter, so i guess,maybe i could say i am… but then you see all you AMAZING bloggers out there that are totally killing it and i quickly recoil back into my little blog hole and think NO WAY i am absolutely NOT a blogger, i am merely just trying to be one…in my own corner of the world, who has caught the eye of some people!

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But as part of my new Post IVF me, i am trying to be so much more confident in myself, of my abilities and my self worth, but maybe i am just worried that i will make a fool of myself,

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‘If i tell someone i AM a blogger they might want to read it, and what if they think it is awful’Β 

This is a genuine constant fear of mine, like a serious, sleepless night worry that someone i know in my personal life reads what i have written and just laughs at it!

My blog has become my safe space, where i can write seriously about my chosen topic, but also where i can muse about things such as this.

Not only can i do that but i get to share my thoughts and feeling with the community and they interact with me, and its a fantastic place to be!

A week or so back i saw something on twitter….

It said ;

Do you have a blogging account? Do you write things on this account? Then YES you are a blogger!Β 

And i tend to agree, i want to stop putting pressure on myself, on what my blog is now or might become in the future, i am happy for the good it is doing within the fertility community and i am proud of how it has helped me as an individual!

And that is enough for me!Β 

Have you ever considered this question? And what conclusion did you come to?

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one!

Until next time…

bye bye


40 thoughts on “When can you say I AM A BLOGGER???

  1. Yes you are a blogger and a lovely one at that. As soon as you start writing on a blogging platform you’re a blogger whether you published the post or not. I don’t get paid for blogging I just thoroughly enjoy writing and making new friends who also enjoy blogging too 😘

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  2. Yes, yes, yes, you are a blogger! I know exactly what you mean about the more established bloggers (they are sooooo amazing) but us newbies have our place too. I also worry that people will think I write a pile of rubbish but I love blogging so much I’m trying to focus on the enjoyment factor for me. And I think you’re a great blogger!

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  3. I’m definitely going through this! I saw a very similar twitter post (possibly the same one even) and it made me think yes, I am a blogger. But as you say, if I tell anyone and they want to read it they might think “You’re not a blogger, you don’t have many followers, your content is crummy” etc. so it scares me to give myself such an incredible label. Love this post X

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    1. I know! It’s scary isn’t it! I sometimes think I will be an official blogger when I’m happy to show my real life friends! Makes you think though doesn’t it?
      Yes I know! But you are most definitely a great blogger!

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  4. It’s a tricky one as i never really thought about it, I posted a blog not to ‘blog’ but because i felt lost. Even now my blog posts, i don’t personally think I must blog, it’s more if i feel in need… so i don’t think i would call myself a blogger…but i guess if i thought about it another way then i am a blogger because i have multiple blogs (sounds a bit stupid to write!) tricky! maybe i have over thought this πŸ˜‰ x

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  5. I’ve definitely thought this to myself before but now I do say YES I AM a blogger and YOU are as well. Just because you’re a newbie to it doesn’t make you any different from an established blogger who’s been doing it for years πŸ’– I’ve followed you because after reading this post I can’t wait to read more of your content πŸ’–

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  6. I think it’s important to know that from the minute you stay a blog and creating content you’re a blogger – it doesn’t matter what other people are doing, focus on your content and your blog! It’s nice to be inspired by others but don’t compare yourself to people who’ve been blogging years! X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  7. It’s super important not to compare yourself to others, especially in the blogging world. We’re all bloggers and none of us are less of a blogger than the next person just because of followers! ❀

    Carla x

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  8. I know some people do have that doubt but you don’t have to be established to feel you are a blogger! You are πŸ™‚ I also hate the idea of people I know reading my blog but if they do I will have to face it HAHA!

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