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And the fog descends…making brain space for writing.

It’s 9.30 AM;

So this morning i have been feeling a little de flated, i have NO idea why, and i am really trying to perk myself up, i thought writing this post might help and i am going for a walk in the country in a little while and hopefully that will make things a little clearer.

*** Walks away, makes a cup of tea and sits and talks to my little bunny rabbit for a couple of minutes***

10 AM;

Seeing as i have been off work for a week, i have been much less active than usual and have started eating carbs (which i don’t usually do) due to the copious number of BBQ’s in this nice weather we are having!

Admittedly i do have a very unhealthy relationship with food, i have a history of tendencies when it comes to not eating or overeating, i feel like i have eaten far too much and it makes me feel physically sick and so guilty for doing so, i know this must sound so irrational.I had a pitta bread with hummus last night, and that’s the carbs i am referring to!!


And ultimately that is why i mentally feel so sick this morning!

It makes me angry that it can have such an impact on me, makes me feel so rubbish in comparison to the day before, but there it is!

At least by writing this i have worked my way through the brain fog i am experiencing and realised why i am feeling so down, i tried to write an article on the lack of education in hormone health for young people this morning and i just wasn’t able to. My mind was a mess of other thoughts and what i was writing didn’t flow, didn’t really make much sense and was just a babble of repeated phrases!

(Maybe i am not cut out for this writing malarkey)

I have signed up to ‘hub pages’ where you can write articles and posts and people can pick them up and pay you for your work, i thought i would give it a try but so far i don’t seem to be doing so well, i think i will take an hour or so out and come back to it later!

Sorry about my rambling post this morning, my followers have become like friends to me, friends where we can share stories, support each other, offer advice and generally chat!

So thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, i appreciate it more than you know!!

bye bye

8 thoughts on “And the fog descends…making brain space for writing.

  1. Bless you, go easy on yourself – its ok to have a slow start once in a while, although I understand the reason for it frustrates you. I read an article the other day about getting back on track if you’ve been distracted or started badly. It said have 20 minutes sitting in stillness, meditating if you do, or just sitting and trying to focus on what’s around you rather than going off in a jumble of anxious thoughts. Then get back to it, but start slowly and get some quick wins under your belt before moving onto the big task you wanted to achieve. Hope that helps!! Take care xx


  2. I completely agree about followers becoming friends and a support network. It’s okay to have a slow or meh day and I totally get you on the whole food thing. I put on so much weight during my ivf rounds and it’s hard learning about being a different body shape. I also believe in being kind to yourself too and think taking time out to have a walk this morning was a super idea!


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