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How does writing a blog help emotionally?

Hi guys!!


How does writing a blog help emotionally?

This question is hugely dependent on so many things, the kind of blogger you are, the reasons you started a blog in the first instance or even what you are looking to get out of your blogging ‘career’, but it is one i have asked myself recently, and one i wondered how my readers would answer?

I have told a couple of people about my blog, those who know about my diagnosis and IVF struggles, and some have been very supportive, they have seen the change in me from even a couple of months ago to now, but some have been more sceptical…

‘Why do you want to think about everything that has happened more?’Β 

‘How does writing help you emotionally?’

‘Do you really think that’s a good idea?’

They aren’t being negative on purpose, they just know how my anxiety has had a hold of me in the last few years and how it has effected me on every level and I can understand their concern, but what they asked has really made me think about the impact blogging has had on me in such a short time.

I went for a walk with my friend the other day, and we discussed these questions people have been asking me….

I came to the conclusion that I have a bit on an obsessive personality, i was like that with IVF, it consumed me and my life was spent doing, thinking, researching things that could greater our chances of success. And i think that passion has been transferred to this, I love that i had ZERO idea of how to run a blog 2 months ago, I’m no professional now, but i have come so far and i am super proud that it is something i have done for myself!

So how doesΒ blogging help me emotionally?

  • It gives me some where to put all my thoughts and feelings down in to something physical that I can re read if i ever need to!


  • I have connected with some great people, both to do with IVF and people who blog about so many other things.. the blogging community really is fantastic and everyone helps each other out! It’s a community i never knew existed and its great to be part of it!



  • For so long i relied on other people for everything, i was so used to being the vulnerable one that i just carried on with it after it all ended, and this has been a great way to do something for myself and get my confidence up (I am A LOT stronger than i thought)


  • I have been able to Support others using my own experiences, it makes me feel like it wasn’t all in vain, and i am pursuing avenues i never considered before!Β 


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When i am faced with these kinds of questions from the people close to me, i try to explain, it makes sense in my head but sometimes i worry i sound like i am trying to convince them and myself, and when i am faced with people who have a doubting look on their face i don’t feel like i should have to convince them, it may sounds like a strange way to deal with things, but it helps me and surely that is enough?

But everyone is different and everyone has their own reasons why they blog, and i would love to hear your story!!

What made you start blogging? and How has it effected you personally / professionally?


bye bye

Have you read my Infertility Diaries? I have written part 1 and part 2 so far.. it’s a great insight into my journey!


22 thoughts on “How does writing a blog help emotionally?

  1. I started my blog in 2008 when my father was dying and a co-worker recommended that I try it. I originally was writing about my grief and then it evolved to include my love of sustainability and green living, then really everything I wanted to talk about, whether it be family or infertility or gardening or career stuff, whatever. Like you said it’s a great place to find other like-minded people going through similar and often people we would never meet in real life whether it be due to geography or age or background. Not only have I made some great friends, I even met my husband through my blog so I can say it’s pretty successful πŸ™‚


    1. Ah sounds like you had a tough time.. good to hear the blog helped you! And you met your husband through it that’s awesome!!! How did that happen? Did he comment on a post of yours??? I wanna know the story now!! I’m a proper soppy romantic at heart!!!!


  2. I’ve been “playing” with blogging for some time. It started out as a private family blog. I’ve expanded from there. I have been blogging more since Jan. 2017. It is a creative outlet for me to connect with people. I’ve learned more about myself, and have met some amazing people.


    1. That’s fantastic, its really interested how blogs seem to change and evolve, so many i have read have done that and mine seems to be doing the same, i am struggling to work out if i should be stricked and keep it as it is or let it change organically!

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  3. Good on you for finding a positive out of such trying times. I feel you have a great inner strength which you have been able to draw on. Keep blogging beautiful! Xo

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  4. You and I are so similar!! 😱 I always think of myself as black and white with no grey. So what I mean is, I’m either doing something or I’m not, I don’t do half measures. So with all my IVF I literally throw myself into it, so it consumes me. And like you, I’m channeling my energies into my blog now. I’m learning so much about myself and the community, which is so supportive, and I’m enjoying it which is key πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah it really sounds like we are!! hopefully we can use that to work together at some point??
      I’m so glad your blog is having such a positive effect on you too. I totally agree, every i have talked to is lovely!! And yes, it is so important to enjoy it, although i think i am a little bit obsessed with blogging at the moment!

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  5. I found solace in blogging after my first round of IVF failed and i was looking for help in the small hours of the morning. I stumbled upon a blog that helped me hugely. I then poured everything down on a wordpress page and felt a small self of relief. Each time i blog it helps me process my thoughts (no matter how negative) and some of the advice i have had on here has been of so much help and comfort.

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    1. That really is fantastic, i must say, i feel the same, it is a great place to put down thoughts and feelings, i love that they are physical instead of just thoughts floating around my brain that i cant process!
      How long ago was that then?

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  6. I think if people do not write, they don’t know how one feels when all those thoughts and emotions do not have an outlet. I applaud your desire to do this just as I and so many other have chosen. I hate trying to explain it; people think it’s driven by a need for attention or it’s an ego thing. Again, you know why you write. Don’t explain it–just continue to do it. By showing up to the page, you’re being true to yourself, and that is ultimately what it’s all about. I applaud you!

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  7. For me it started with wanting to document my Infertility story (mostly for myself so I in the future I could remember the order of things) But it ended up being a great outlet for processing emotion. I do like hearing that people enjoy reading it, but I’d call that a bonus; not the reason to write. Now I’m a little bit obsessed with advocating the infertility cause and feel my blog posts are a way to share my story and raise awareness about infertility and a great tool for dispelling the taboo associated with it. (I share mine to Facebook)


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