It’s Q & A time!


Hi Guys,

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I’ve wanted to do one of these Q & A posts for a while now, i read the one that andthenzen did (you should pop over and read her blog.. its fab) and she said i could use the questions to answer too so THANK YOU !!!!!

So wish me luck……….


1. What is your middle name?

I don’t have one, neither does my sister, my Mum and her siblings don’t have any and she said she didn’t see the needs to give us any! TBH i’ve never been bothered by it at all!!

2. What is your favourite colour?

Purple, i love how calming it can be and the variety of different shades you can get!!

3. Who was your first best friend?

Her name was Tracey… i used to live in the south when i was first born until age 5 and apparently we were inseparable in pre school, i found her on Facebook not so long ago and its great to see how she is getting on and reconnect!

4. How tall are you?

5’6… i am so short in my family though, most people are over 6 ft!!!

5. Cats or dogs?

Dogs, for sure, i have never had one and would do (almost) anything to get one!! i want a schnoodle called noodle… for those unsure this is what they look like….



HOW CUTE!!!??????


6. Funniest moment throughout school?

I have always been SO SO clumsy!! When i was in middle school, i remember tripping over and then just sitting on the floor in the middle of the hallway for a while to make it look like i meant to sit down!!! As is anyone thought i actually meant it!! Still makes me laugh now!

7.  How many countries have you visited?

Oh wow……. i am not sure the exact number but i want to visit more exotic/exiting places rather than just usual holiday destinations! I would love to go to India and Canada!!

8. Are you in or have you gone to college?

I went to Uni but that was a good 10 years a go now!!! (eeek) I am SOOOO old!

9. What was your favourite/worst subject at high school?

Favourite ; I loved English, i think mostly i loved that i was good at it, i found it interesting looking into how language has changed over time and playing with it in different ways!

Worst ; Probably maths, i was so bad at it, my dad used to sit with me for hours trying to help me understand but yeah, i struggled!!

10. What is your favourite drink?

HMMMM.. i would say.. i do love tap water, i would normally go for that when i needed a drink. Alcohol wise, i love Brandy and lemonade or Prosecco, on a cold night though there is nothing better than a nice hot chocolate!!!

11. What is your favourite animal?

I love dogs, but i have a little bunny who is pretty cute!!!





12. What is your favourite perfume?

Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel… but i do wish i was more daring with perfume and try new ones!

13. Tea or Coffee?

TEA!!!!!! Coffee is like satan to me!

14. What would you name your children?

I love Ezra but i will most likely adopt so i won’t get the chance!

15. What sports do you or have you played?

I don’t play any at the moment, i used to swim for the county and love getting in the water, i don’t do it as much as i would like though!!

16. What is your favourite book?

The Northern Lights Trilogy by Philip Pullman, i absolutely love the way i get transported to this parallel world that is so similar but different in so many ways to our own!

Image result for Northern lights philip

17. Who are some of your favourite bloggers or YouTubers?

I must say i find it hard to pick favourites, i try to keep up to date with everyone i follow.

I love my fellow fertility bloggers like ;

My journey creating life  & Infertility and life.& Sliding doorz

I am also enjoying exploring different blogging styles, just for ideas and because i enjoy their content like ;

Chocolate and waffles  & Holzieloves

18. What is your favourite movie?

The original Bridget Jones Diary for sure!!! Its my happy place and i talk along to all the words!!! How sad!

19. Are you single or taken?

Engaged!!! Someone actually wants to spend his life with crazy old me!

20. What is your current hair colour?

Light brown…. i have NEVER had my hair dyed!!! I am far too scared!!

21. What is your favourite season?

Autumn for SURE!!!! Fires, Boots, Wool socks, jumpers!!! HOT WATER BOTTLES!!!!!!

22. Favourite memory from childhood?

Every Christmas! And just spending time with the family, i am a huge family girl!!

23. Do you speak any different languages and how well?

I used to LOVE French and Spanish at school… and i got a B at Manderin Chinese, but literally can’t remember one word!

24. Do you have any siblings?

A sister, shes 4 years younger than me and i am UBER protective of her!!

25. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Mostly just super comfy, but i love to dress up in really girly dresses with floral patterns etc!! Much like this one…(but obviously i NEVER look like this)

Image result for zooey deschanel dress


26. What is your favourite restaurant?

We have some fabulous restaurants up here in the north! The boat house  at amble is amazing! AND the views are superb!!

27. What are some of your favourite TV shows?

I love any murder mystery…. Agatha Christie ones in particular, midsomer murders, miss fisher’s murder mysteries, Grantchester! Literally ANY!!! (suggestions welcome!!)

28. PC or mac?

I have never had a Mac so i have to say PC, i think if i actually tried one though my mind would be easily changed!!

29. What phone do you have?

iPhone 7…

30. Tell us one of your bad habits?

I pick out my eye lashed when i am bored!!! Like use my fingers to pull them out! Such a bad idea i know!! i cant help it!!!

That’s it folks… thanks for reading!

I am so happy i got the chance to do one of these… i would love if some of my readers (all if poss teehee) did one and tag me in it so i can see your answers, its a great way to get to know more about the blogger!!!

bye bye


18 thoughts on “It’s Q & A time!

  1. I was so clumsy at school too! My primary school had a folder especially for me to keep all my accident report sheets.. 🙈 Bridget Jones’ Diary is my feel good movie, whenever I’m down, it’s definitely the one I put on (that, and Mamma Mia!) 🙊 I’m glad you enjoyed answering these questions, I’ve got a different question post scheduled and will tag you when it’s up! 🖤


    1. How strange… i thought i had replied to this!!! Hilarious that your school had a WHOLE folder! My grandmother still puts a waterproof mat down under the table cloth in my space when we go for dinner at her house!
      I have never seen Mamma Mia, its on my ‘to watch’ list for sure!!
      YES tag me! I would love to join in!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it!! I am working on hubby to let me have one! The movie what SUCH a disappointment wasn’t it? It was too much directed at kids, i would love for them to re make it from a darker angle!


  2. Ah really? That hilarious!! There is always that one super clumsy person isn’t there? My grandmother still puts a waterproof sheet under the table cloth were i am setting when i go over for dinner because she’s certain i will spill something and she is usually right!!
    I have NEVER seen Mamma Mia, i want to, just not got round to it yet!!
    Yes, thank you for letting me have a go! That would be fab… i am looking forward to it!!


  3. This dog is absolutely adorable, I want one! This is a great post, I love learning more about bloggers!
    xx Jocelyn //


    1. Isn’t it! i would call it noodle!! Spoodle called noodle!! cant get better than that!! Yeah for sure, its great finding a bit more about what the blogger is like!! 🙂 You should do one!!


  4. I’m on it! I will send you a link when mine is done! Haven’t done one of these in ages and need a lighter post after all that’s going on, ha…

    PS – I am a purple gal as well 🙂


  5. Love this!! Thanks for the mention! Think I’d like to do one of these at some point 👍 Love the doggy, so cute!! I’ve always wanted a miniature schnauzer called scamp and a dachshund called rascal!! 😂 xx


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