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What weekend?

Hi Guys!!!

Hope you all had another fab weekend!! I cannot believe its Monday night already!

The weekend flew past practically at the speed of sounds… but this time it was for the BEST reason.. i had so much fun and packed in so much that it was over in the blink of an eye, but made some great memories!

We went down to Henley on Thames to see a friend i haven’t seen in a while, we sat by the river, in the sunshine, and chatted and people watched and generally caught up, then we went for dinner at a lovely little place near by and had some great food, laughed a lot and just enjoyed each others company!!


Henley on Thames by night – Lazy walk by the river!! 



We even saw MEL C setting up for the gig she was doing at the festival that night!! (childhood dream come true)


Me and hubby haven’t had time away just the two of us for… well… for far too long now, and definitely not since we had a miscarriage and IVF ended so it was well and truly deserved, we have always loved going on a bit of a road trip, just chatting in the car and eating a little picnic… it really is the little things isn’t it?

But i tell you what. Henley is beautiful, the walk along the river is stunning with so much to see, the people are so friendly and we most definitely will be going back, we thought next time we might stay on one of the many boats that are moored up there… we even contemplated that maybe one day we could live on one and travel around Europe, its amazing that we are finally thinking positively about the future an enjoying making plans together!!

What else has been going on i hear you ask…..

This weekend, i also made it to the 200 ‘like’ mark on my blog AND the same for followers on twitter… weird how they came within a day of each other!! Still only small but huge milestones for me and i am UBER exited about them! I feel like the longer i’m writing for, the more i realise what this blog really is all about and i hope you like the direction it is going in!!


This week i am off work… so i am going to get stuck into my blog, which leads me to my weekly goals…

Goal number five (can’t believe i’m on number five already);


To fine tune the look of my blog, think about a name change and how detrimental this would be to my readers, and generally think about the direction i want it to go in! 

If there is anything you would like to see more of less of in my blog i would love to hear your suggestions, more in relation to the medical side of Early Menopause? More ‘how to’s’ when it comes to living in a post IVF world…. or anything else you think, i want to engage with you guys, give you what you would like to read whilst still using my blog as a form of therapy for myself and others with fertility issues!

Look forward to writing more and getting more to grips with this blogging lifestyle i am creating for myself this week!! Its ME time!!!


bye bye





16 thoughts on “What weekend?

      1. You have been through a lot, you must have amazing inner strength. Keep your chin up and enjoy all the beautiful things you deserve 💗


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