Thursday musings

Hi Guys,

Today i reached ANOTHER milestone!! 100 Followers over on twitter AND 100 likes on my blog!!!


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I haven’t been on it for long but i thought it would be a great way to meet other bloggers and get in contact with other people who have an interest in fertility awareness/ childlessness and IVF support.

And boy was i right… as i am certain many of you know, there are some great blogging communities to be part of on twitter such as bloggers tribe, Tea cup club and The mutton club who offer really helpful advice or as i recently had.. shows you out of this world cute pictures of their canine friends… one cockapoo in particular was an absolute stunner and managed to convince me that sneaking a puppy into my house without hubby knowing until its too late is a FABULOUS idea!!! Not sure if he would see it that way though… i will let you know if i pluck up the courage to do it!!!

Speaking to all these amazing bloggers has got me thinking though, when it comes to fertility bloggers, or even just people talking about fertility online there is a huge gender divide, i think i have spoken to about 3 men and the rest females, this make me pretty sad if i am honest!!


Is this because men do not want to talk about fertility? or because they feel like they shouldn’t? Maybe society dictates that men need to be strong enough emotionally not to speak openly about fertility issues at all? I read recently that 50% of fertility issues ( in america) are female and 30% are male, the rest is unexplained, but that is not that much of a difference, and if we could get EVERYONE talking about infertility at an earlier age, we might be able to change the scale of infertility in the future!!

In my quest to make fertility less of a taboo and more openly discussed i would love to get some men involved, so if your male, you or your partner are having fertility issues, and would like to share your story… please get in touch, the more people talk about it now the easier it will be for people in the future.



12 thoughts on “Thursday musings

  1. I’m on a quest too to get more men to talk about fertility. Where are they? My guy is totally open about it in person but I don’t think it’s something he would talk about. I quote him though.


    1. Yeah. My hubby is pretty good with family but that’s about it…. I wish he had some sort of forum to share his thoughts and feeling away from me, I think it would have done him the work of good! I’m actually thinking of starting up a forum myself… not just for men but for everyone to be able to talk openly!
      If you have any thoughts on how to get men talking and to raise awareness I’d love to get involved and work together!

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  2. I think this is a lovely idea to get more men involved. It’s ridiculous that talking about feelings etc is so taboo for them, and perhaps they feel because there’s so much ‘pressure’ on the woman during IVF, that actually they feel bad for being so open about their feelings. Silly but I can imagine how easy it is to slip in to that!

    I know a couple of men who have had to go through IVF with their partners with varied outcomes, somewhere for them to be supported is a lovely idea.

    Kate x


    1. Thanks for your comment. I think your right that they feel like that… maybe somewhere safe where they don’t like that would be good!!’ Need to ask some guys!!


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