Happy Humpday! – Weekly update.

Today I’m feeling relieved it’s half way though the week, although part of me can’t understand how it’s ONLY Wednesday!!!!! Come ON weekend… the thought of sitting in a beer garden with friends on Saturday lunch time is getting me through!
It’s been a pretty busy week so far… inclusive but not ending at the explosive manner in which my car decided to give up on me last night… on the way home from work… in the rain.. at rush hour… in the middle of the road… whilst I was rushing to get back for friends coming over for dinner!!!
Seriously why???
Unfortunately when it comes to this weeks goal, life has got in the way.. by the time we faffed on getting a trailer to save my poor car from all the angry motorists and eventually got home and ate.. and sourced a replacement car to use for a while, I didn’t have any room for taking some time to do some adult colouring, and I weirdly feel really guilty about it!!
So to compensate I’m spending time with my god daughter this afternoon and we have had a chilled half hour colouring!

img_9947 note the green animal crayon!!! Very fetching eh??
It’s not quite the same but it was a relatively chilled half hour and some bonding time for us which we both (i think, I hope) enjoyed!

On the plus side… I got this notification from WordPress this week…

Now I know that 20 isn’t a huge number, and indeed I am not writing this for ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ but it really has put a positive spin on things for me and I’m over the moon that there are actually people out there who have actively clicked a little button that says ‘yeah. I like this and I want to read more’ well I’m hoping that’s why.. I only ‘follow’ others blogs I’m really, truly interested in, otherwise I think that’s rather mean and defeats the whole object of blogging. Thats just my opinion (I’m sure others differ dramatically) but I hope that’s why people have pressed that little button, and for those people I am so thankful, I hope that you can take some solace from my words and see that after IVF and infertility, life goes on, it’s not easy but it happens and we must try and make the most of it!!

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