Life is for living! – Weekly goal #2

Hi guys!

So, its time to set a new weekly goal.

I’ve been contemplating how i could challenge myself this week, my last goal was very much tackling infertility head on and if you read my blog Sunday Funday – Week review you will know i spent much of the week speaking to infertility and Menopause charities discussing how i can help, which was really promising, however the whole idea of my blog is to show and document my journey to living a happy and fulfilled life after an infertility diagnosis, and failed IVF cycles.

With this in mind i want this weeks goal to be something that takes me a step closer to being able to take a step back and look at my life and thinking, yeah, i’m pretty happy right now, something that can make me feel more connected to my emotions and hopefully reduce some anxiety.

Lately i have been using some of the adult colouring in books, i find it a great way to chill for an hour and process thoughts and feelings, generally letting my mind wander to where it needs to be, all the while being able to let my creative juices flow, saying this, at night after a long day its the last thing that i go to for relaxation and i think it would really help me wind down on an evening.

I then read this post from Millionaires Digest and i totally agree with all the benefits it can have, so inspired by that post;

Goal number two ; Spend at least half an hour at night listening to music and colour in to wind down and process the day. 

I’ve started already….




I’ve felt like there has been so much to do lately and so much rushing around and not a great deal actually getting achieved so i am hoping this helps slow down the pace a bit, and if it can help me sleep better that would be a bonus, If your feeling stressed or anxious, there are some great adult colouring books out there and it is really worth a try….here are some of my favourites;




11 thoughts on “Life is for living! – Weekly goal #2

  1. I love this post and I think you’re doing so well with your goals. My mum and I collected a colouring magazine a few years ago, which she used loads after my brother was killed. I didn’t so much and always think that maybe I should do more colouring, just help with mental health and relaxation. Most times I just can’t be bothered though and veg in front of the tv – not good!! Maybe I’ll find those magazines and give them another go. Thanks for an inspirational post 👍😊 xx

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    1. Hi! How are you doing? Yeah, they really do help to relax and wind down which is why I thought if I actively force myself to sit down and do it for a period of time each night I think it will really benefit my metal wellbeing! It’s just changing your routine isn’t it! I must admit I’m one for just getting home and veging in front of the TV, often watching stuff I’m not hugely interested in!! Time to change that! Find those magazines and get a cuppa and do some colouring! Let me know how you get on! The books I mention in my post are fab too! I have them all and love each of them! Xx

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      1. So I think I’m being forced into resting and colouring …whether I want to or not!! As you’ve seen, I’ve now got shingles. I guess the only good thing about this is that I can stop feeling guilty about not being very productive or achieving much lately, as my body clearly needs to rest. I can colour with a clear conscience!! xx


      2. 😂 you can colour guilt free at least!! Rest up… your body is obviously telling you that you need it.. the only thing you need to achieve is getting better right now!!! Get some good pencils and a big colouring book and let me know if it helps… also… in times of pain/anxiety I watch (ALOT) of murder mysteries! But hey… that’s just me!

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