Sunday funday!

So it’s Sunday… which sucks a bit (REALLY not loving the idea of work tomorrow) But it also means it’s been a week since I wrote my last update of the week and decided to set myself some goals in my blog post Lets set some goals and I really have done everything I have set out to do, which I’m feeling pretty proud of and it’s a great boost to my positive thinking knowing I set myself a goal and I’ve achieved it!
I have been working with the The Daisy Network and truly feel I have been able to help ladies over on the forum which has been fantastic and I will be keeping it up for sure! I have also sent off the application needed to apply to volunteer at the Fertility Network UK and I’m hoping to hear back from them soon! (Will keep you updated) and that’s pretty much it as far as the goals go! I have emailed a couple of other individuals and reached out to people on twitter to see about working together as a community to help raise awareness and get talking about infertility.. especially early menopause, but that’s definitely goal achieved!!


We have had a fabulous weekend in this wonderful warm weather, having BBQ’s, alcohol, rounders games, and very little sleep, finished off by a trip on to a family members boat today!


Tomorrow’s tasks include finishing off an article for Henpicked which is a personal account of going through the menopause early on, how it has impacted my life and to help raise awareness and get people discussing the issue! I am loving writing the article so far so we will see what the guys over at Henpickedp think, I also need to write my next weekly goal post!! I have a few ideas. One of which has nothing to do with fertility just positivity in general and I think it would be a great way to boost my confidence and reduce anxiety… but I’d love for some suggestions if you have any??


I hope you have all had a lovely
Weekend! For those over seas..
You will never believe it but Britain has actually been hot… like actually HOT this weekend!!! See it does happen… sometimes… like 2 days every couple of years!!


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