Update on weekly goal!

Hi guys,

This week is turning out to be pretty productive and it feels pretty good!!!

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I just wanted to update you on the weeks progress, specifically the goal i set myself in my last blog post which was to:

Research and speak to fertility charities, to enquire about being able to support and advise people with fertility issues.

I have approached a couple of charities to work on providing support and advise to people who need fertility, miscarriage and IVF support, it actually has been more difficult than I expected to find avenues to follow up on this, and actually there isn’t as much info and support out there as i thought there was.. or should be!

(Thinking about starting my own support network but that’s a thought for another day)

So far I have spoken to two great charities…

The Daisy Network and Fertility Network UK

I have offered myself up as a ‘Networker’ at The Daisy Network,  the ladies over there offer a great resource for anyone with POI (early menopause) like i have, and ranges from info about signs, symptoms and how to get diagnosed to a forum where we can get to know each other and offer support that way!

The ‘networkers’ are other members who have varying experiences and reasons for being diagnosed with POI and provide direct contact details to members who feel like one on one support would help them, its a great idea, i know first hand that sometimes it’s nice just to have someone to rant to who isn’t emotionally invested so if you feel like you have something to offer get in touch with them, equally if you have been looking for somewhere that can offer a TON of info on POI its certainly a great first step!

Alternatively they have a great forum which isn’t used as much as it could be and I truly think that the more it’s used the more useful it can be for everyone using it…. I really urge everyone reading this who has been through the menopause early or supporting someone who has, to at least go over and see the great work the ladies at Daisy are doing, it’s run by all volunteers and they have got so much info and resources over there!

If you want to get involved in the forum that would be awesome too, such a great way to connect, i am really looking forward to getting more involved with them in the future, as POI is part of who i am!

Another great resource I’ve reached out to is Fertility Network UK as a charity they are always looking for people to volunteer and they have quite a few different options to choose from, they offer support to people who are wanting to become pregnant, who are facing childlessness or just starting out on understanding their fertility issues and anything fertility related!!

You need to fill in an application if you want to offer up your services to them and you can choose how you’d like to help… so that’s my task for the next couple of Days..i am going to get it filled out and sent off so lets see how that goes!

Hoping your all having a great week! Happy ‘hump‘ day!

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