Helping others feels like the right thing to do.

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone!!! I’ve been on holiday in sunny Rhodes…. not to make you jealous but take a look…

Pretty nice view for a hotel room eh?

So I may have had some success when it comes to moving forward in a ‘post ivf world’

I have been speaking to a fantastic lady who helps run the daisy network charity, along with 6 other women she helps run the website which hosts forums for all things related to premature menopause diagnosis they also have a yearly conference in London that has a fabulous line up including support and coping with diagnosis.

Take a look…  https://www.daisynetwork.org.uk/2017-conference-tickets-now-on-sale/

I contacted them to find out if they had any space for anyone who wanted to get involved in supporting people who have been diagnosed, for me I’m especially interested in helping people who were diagnosed in early life (25 and under) and parents of these young women.

I’m going to start positing on the forums and starting volunteering as a networker whose information can be given out to individual people who would like some one on one contact and support, im very exited about this opportunity and really feel I can be a good source of information and advice so bring it on!!!!!!!!

I’m also hoping to get down to the conference however with it being so soon it could be tricky! But if i go il let you know how it is! Maybe some readers of mine could get themselves there too!

For now.. I’m about to embark upon a first aid course… currently waiting in a dingy ‘canteen’ with horrible coffee that looks like tar and a very loud radio that keeps crackling!

Lucky me!!!

Here we go!


4 thoughts on “Helping others feels like the right thing to do.

  1. Hi there, great blog! I’m now also in the world and have decided no more IVF, so it’s great to hear from someone who is further ahead!

    Just wanted to say I can really relate to wanting to help people and what you’re doing with the Daisy network is wonderful. I’ve written my own blog (infertiblog) and done some articles for local papers, have joined a hospital programme to help Gyno & OB doctors improve comms skills for infertility patients and am thinking about how to volunteer for a fertility charity! I don’t know about you, but it just feels like some good has to come out of all this sadness.

    Right I need to read some more of your posts 🙂

    Natalie x


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your comments! At work right now but will be reading your blog tonight for sure!!
      Yea I totally hear ya! I can’t stand the thought of only negative thoughts and experiences coming from ivf, i have to make something positive of it, it seems many people feel the same way which is great!
      Ah article for the newspapers is awesome! What have they been based around? More information about ivf or more personal experiences? I’m looking at writing an article for a website called hen picked. I’m really exited about the opportunity!
      I think it would be great if we all got together and formed a community of people after ivf finishes! I think although it’s not the same kind of support we could all do with some!

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      1. Completely agree on the community point! The article was about raising awareness of infertility issues and trying to make the point around giving people better fertility education a lot earlier (ie not just how not to get pregnant but what can also go wrong as well, so you have more time to deal with it). If you’d like a copy let me know 🙂 Hen picked sounds good!!


      2. Hi, That sounds like a great article, id love to read it! I would love to get more people talking and thinking about fertility issues, I think its people like us that are the best to do that!

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